A downloadable game for Windows

Get those fingers and brain meats ready, It's time to SYNCHRONIZ!

It's a mad dash against the clock and your own coordination to collect all the Smiley Boys™ before time runs out!

Over 20+ levels of intense Boy collecting action await you! Will your reflexes and brain give out, or will you be able to SYNCHRONIZ before that happens?

Control both players by yourself or team up with a friend to test your synchronization!

Download includes the game, an instruction manual, and an art book!

All Original Background Art and Art Book created by Sayara

Music by


June Flower
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  • W, A, S, and D control the Blue Paddle.
  • The Arrow Keys control the Red Paddle.
  • There is no diagonal movement, my friend! 

Technical Notes

1. Windows thinks it's a virus:
I promise you! It's not! It's just a GameMaker executable, but for some reason Windows sometimes flags them as viruses.  To be able to play the game, you need to create an exception in Windows Defender for the folder the game is located

2. The game plays too fast:
This one's on GameMaker, but if you run into issues with the game running too fast, you'll need to manually set your monitor's refresh rate to 60hz and/or force VSync in your videocard's settings.

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Published 29 days ago
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Tags2D, Arcade, collect-em-up, Short, Top-Down


SynchroniZ ver 1.02.zip 90 MB
.exe instruction Manual by Rhete 8 MB

Install instructions

Open the .zip file with your preferred archive software and extract its contents to your desired folder! 

Development log


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Took a lot of lives but I bested all the boys 😎 Very fun and extremely stylish action, it was a joy to watch this one come together. 


awesome game!  Sadly I am not yet a bad enough dude to rescue all the Smiley Boys™

I believe you will be one day!