A downloadable game for Windows

junkyard_dave LOVES shrimp and is also a for real and genuine Canadian Person™.

Help him eat as much shrimp as you can before time runs out!

Afterward, visit junkyard_dave at twitch.tv/junkyard_dave!


junkyard_dave_Eats_a_Lot_of_Shrimp.zip 4 MB


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when next game

When it's done. :p

I have a couple projects going in GameMaker and I wanna play with GB Studio soon, so I'd like to hope I get something new out sooner rather than later.  I work better when inspired, rather than forcing it, though.


As a fan of eating shrimp I deeply enjoyed this


185 my first time!

That's a Lot of Shrimp!

I wish I had some shrimp...

I'm very jealous of junkyard_dave right now :(