A downloadable game for Windows

A simple game where you just press buttons. 

Collect the Smiley Boys™ while avoiding the Angy Boys™!

Music by June Flower.

Technical Note

If the game seems to be running too fast, you'll need to manually set your monitor's refresh rate to 60hz or enable VSync for the game in your videocard's settings because GameMaker just be like that and I can't really do much about it.


  • Press A, S, D, and F to move the paddle to the designated lane.
  • Press SPACEBAR to use the Smart Boy Bomb™.
    Be careful, you only have one!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsArcade, boys, Casual, Score Attack, Short


ASDF_V1.01.zip 12 MB
ASDF_V1.0.zip 12 MB

Install instructions

Note: All versions after 1.0 remove the title screen logo flashing.

Download the .zip and extract the .exe to wherever you want!

If Windows whines about the executable, you'll need to tell it to run the game anyway.

Development log


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Fun game with good music (June Flower is pog).  Easy to understand too.  I wish there was a way to play on a higher difficulty to start faster and/or have a faster increase of speed.  I end up dying due to the hypnotic nature of the game before the literal difficulty ever kills me.  Still I love the presentation, it's in the perfect old school arcade style.


The exquisite hubris of holding onto your Smart Boy Bomb™ longer than you should, delicious